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Welcome to the Leipzig Science Network

The network of the science location Leipzig

Great names stand for science in Leipzig: Leibniz, Wundt, Ostwald. And today? Today, excellent scientific findings testify to Leipzig's vibrant spirit of research, be it with Svante Pääbo in paleogenetics, Annette Beck-Sickinger in biochemistry, or Dieter Kopinke in environmental research. Leipzig is an outstanding science location and, with its university, several colleges, and numerous non-university research institutions, it has an unusually high density of renowned scientific institutions. Thanks to the commitment of the major German research communities, with the help of EU funding and investments by the Free State of Saxony, an outstanding infrastructure has been created in close cooperation with the city of Leipzig. Today, Leipzig plays in the premier league! With this network, we want to increase the visibility of Leipzig as a science location and support our scientists to work creatively, freely, and cooperatively.


7 good reasons for Leipzig

1. 1 university, 11 colleges, and further study institutions
2. Continuous cooperation in the Leipzig Science Network association
3. accelerated research on digitals, life sciences, environment, and climate
4. close involvement in the Integrated Urban Development Concept 2030
5. constant coordination in the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Working Group
6. internationally oriented research
7. Continuous expansion in science areas provided in urban planning

Our members

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