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Tea Time – Post-doctoral academic career paths


Doctorate – and then...?
Exploring academic career paths for doctorate holding scientists

Post-doctoral career paths can vary widely, both within and outside academia.

The event series “Tea Time” offers you the opportunity to discuss career options with scientists, who pursued a career in academia. Invited speakers will reflect on their career paths and experiences, and will explain their approach to career planning after finishing their dissertation.

After a brief presentation by our guest, we will give you the opportunity to ask your questions. We will discuss goals and experiences related to the time after defending a dissertation. All questions about career ideas and choices are welcome.

This series is organized by the Leipzig Science Network and Leipzig University (Academic Staff Development at the Department of Research).

Events in 2022

Presentation was moved. A new date has to be determined.

Location: Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum (GWZ), Beethovenstraße 15, 04107 Leipzig

Speaker: Prof. James Conant Prof. James Conant

James Conant, born in Kyoto, Japan, in 1958, is Humboldt Professor of Theoretical Philosophy in Leipzig, Germany, and Chester D. Tripp Professor of Humanities, Professor of Philosophy, and Full Professor at the College of the University of Chicago, USA. Conant works widely in the field of philosophy and has published articles on topics including philosophical logic, epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, aesthetics, German idealism, and the history of analytic philosophy, as well as interpretations on a wide range of philosophers, including Descartes, Kant, Emerson, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Josiah Royce, William James, Frege, Carnap, Wittgenstein, Putnam, Cavell, Rorty, Stroud, and McDowell, to name a few.


1st Date

Presentation and lecture on July 11th, 2022

Location: Leibniz Institute for Surface Engineering (IOM), Permoserstraße 15, 04318 Leipzig

Format: This time, the brief presentation of our guest speaker will be followed by a lecture on “how to get published?”. This offers an opportunity to learn more about scientific publishing, especially for those who are new to publishing scientific work.

Language: The presentation will be in English. Questions can be asked in English or German.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. André Anders Prof. Dr. André Anders

Prof. Dr. André Anders has a joint appointment as Director of IOM and Professor of Applied Physics at Leipzig University. His specialty is plasma physics and material sciences. He has authored 3 books and more than 350 papers in peer-reviewed journals, which were cited over 20,000 times. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Applied Physics and can thus explain publishing subtleties from the viewpoint of author, reviewer and editor.


Events in 2021

1st Date

Presentation on November 3rd, 2021

Location: Online

Speaker: Prof. Kristin Rebien Prof. Kristin Rebien

Prof. Kristin Rebien is Associate Professor of German and European Studies at San Diego State University, California (USA). She studied German Studies and Political Science at Leipzig University and received her doctorate in German Studies from Stanford University. Her research examines the interface between literature and politics, philosophy, and the visual arts in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Her recent focus has been on concepts of European unity in German literature since 1945.


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